Issue 4: Tangible

Published Fall 2018

Chapter One


Views | Genoel

Allison Hummel

  Views   From my bedroom window, I have a view of kumquat trees. From the kitchen, there are vines entangled with a brutal metal fence. And in my dream, I dreamt of the man who chose me on the train, stalked me close with…

The Once and Future Site

Candice Yacono

The Once and Future Site: The History and Archeology of Tintagel, Cornwall      “Hard by was great Tintagel’s table round and there of old the flower of Arthur’s knights made fair beginning of a nobler time.” – Thomas Hardy    The Once and Future…

rapid dissipation

Glenn Thomas

Linoleum Cut   Provenance: Submission Glenn Thomas was born in Newark N.J. in 1944. He studied technical drawing, spent one year at the Penn. Academy of Fine Arts and in 1964 took a 3 month study-travel trip to Europe. In 1970 he moved to Europe…

Conversation with Gilles Bourdos & Richard Bausch

  On October 8th, 2018, I sat down with French film director Gilles Bourdos (Renoir, 2012; Afterwards, 2008; Inquiétudes, 2004), and Richard Bausch, author of eleven novels and eight short story collections, to discuss Mr. Bourdos film Endangered Species (2017)—a mosaic based on six unrelated…

Night Rush

Caolan Leander

  Listen to Night Rush:   Charlie Pepper ate in silence with his wife Cynthia and her best friend Portia, his most recent employer. She had invited the Peppers over for dinner to celebrate the opening of her art gallery, the latest in a string of…

Chapter Two


Sestina | Portraits of Strangers

Kendall Morris

  SESTINA I was asleep in blue when the sun came and made West’s bed. A color beam shone through the veneered blinds as Sunday sent clear overhead. It was breaking me cold open: a crack in the firmament. The blue-jays flew, singing to hear…

Matron, Mother, Hostess

Sasha Conaway

  Matron, Mother, Hostess: Senior USO Hostesses and the Care of American Soldiers in World War II American involvement in World War II marked a shift in American lives as the country prepared to enter the fight. The United States government had mobilized its male…

Voicing Pleasure

Christina Brandon

  Listen to Voicing Pleasure:   When I was about 13, I stole my mom’s romance novels and secretly read them in the bathtub. The covers were beautifully jewel-toned but innocuous. They didn’t feature people. The stories were part of Julie Garwood’s historical series. They took…

Cynthia Silver

Christine Sloan Stoddard

  Provenance: Submission Christine Sloan Stoddard is a Salvadoran-American writer and interdisciplinary artist originally from Virginia. She is the founder of Quail Bell Magazine and the author of several books, including Water for the Cactus Woman (Spuyten Duyvil). Her work has appeared in Ms. Magazine,…


Suvi Mahonen

  Listen to Always:   “I love you always and I forget you sometimes as I forget my heart beats. But it beats always.” Ernest Hemingway     05:05 am. My eyes open. A faint pearly blade of light squeezing past the blind. The distant…

Veering Toward Destiny

Christopher Stolle

  “Keep pushing, honey,” Bruce said. “We’re almost there.” They were near where they needed to be. Bruce cursed taking a deserted highway, which he thought would help them on their journey. But could Maggie continue to manage this detour? Maggie had gotten them this…

Chapter Three


To My Teacher

Jaydn DeWald

  Listen to To My Teacher:   Provenance: Submission JAYDN DEWALD is the author of three limited-edition chapbooks, The Rosebud Variations: And Other Variations (Greying Ghost, 2017); In Whose Hand the Light Expires (Yellow Flag Press, 2018); and as counterpoint to this compressed mass a longing (forthcoming from Sutra Press). His poems,…

You May See

Karina Cochran

    Each action felt so painfully deliberate. Open the bag of flour, pour the flour in the bucket, drag the garden hose to the bucket, turn the garden hose on. Simple papier-mâché instructions.   Perhaps these actions wouldn’t have been so monotonous if I…

5 Scherzi

Dean Liao

                      Provenance: Submission Dean Liao is a contemporary artist based in Los Angeles. Drawing inspiration from Classical Realism, Abstraction and Expressionism, his work seeks fundamentally to explore the human condition through an examination of the…

Call This Number

Leandra Griffith

  She wakes up to find a sticky note left beside her pillow. It doesn’t hold well to the linen, but as soon as she picks up the note, it clings to the ridged print of her forefinger. The language isn’t her first. The strokes…

The Tragically Hip

Jen Brown

    Provenance: Submission Jen Brown holds a Master’s Degree in Art History and a Curatorial Diploma from York University in Toronto (class of 2004). She is Canadian but has lived in Japan and Mexico, and currently resides in Portland, OR. She is a self-taught…

Chapter Four


La Casa Roja

Alonso Llerena Carrasco

Listen to La Casa Roja:   Provenance: Submission   Alonso Llerena Carrasco is a poet, visual artist and teacher born in Lima, Peru. His work, which merges interpretations of historical events and personal history, attempts to document and honor the victims of the Internal Armed Conflict…

Biology: A Tree of Eukaryotes

Catharina Coenen

  Listen to A Tree of the Eukaryotes:   I spend my days teaching about strangers: blobs of slime, walkers on legs that aren’t legs, seers with eyes that aren’t eyes. Most days I walk through biology in the dark, my hands outstretched, calling to those…

The Hating Cells

Liz Fyne

  “Derek, show me the cells.” I retrieved them from the incubator, carried the plastic cell culture dish with pink liquid media to the microscope. They were hating cells. We didn’t mean to make hating cells. The goal was to make loving cells. Paul leaned…

Adam and Eva. 21 century

  Provenance: Submission At present time Kateryna Bortsova is a painter – graphic artist with a BFA in graphic arts and an MFA. Works of Kateryna took part in many international exhibitions (Taiwan, Moscow, Munich, Spain, Macedonia, Budapest etc.). Also she won silver medal at…

Earth Regained

B.W. Jackson

  Listen to Earth Regained: Eugene put on his reading glasses. The waiting room appeared no different from most waiting rooms. The walls were a pale yellow. The cushioned seats were not overly comfortable. Eugene was in a chair across from an elderly man, who abruptly…

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