Issue 3: Dis/Order

Published Spring 2018



Zak Salih

1. The Shaft Scene 17,000 B.C.E., mineral pigment on stone Sebastian Mote is ten years old. He’s in his father’s basement with Ozzy Plott, a friend from school. Sebastian sits in an old wingback chair, flipping through an enormous book on the history of Western…


MK Roney
  Reg stood in the kitchen, pouring the last of the GlenDronach into a mug. He swirled it around, watching it circle the coffee rings stained into the white porcelain. Roberta Flack sang in the other room. He’d heard this song twice already but he...

Of Great Importance

Nachoem M. Wijnberg

  DE GRENS Over hoeveel tegelijk kun jij nadenken? Stel nu dat je een baan krijgt waarvoor je over nog één meer moet nadenken. Zoals toen je gevraagd was te beslissen waar de grens zou komen tussen twee staten die toen nog één waren. Weet…

On Machines

TJ Jarrett

  For the last 20 years, I’ve made my living developing software. It is sometimes hard, often rewarding work. I’ve never really had issues with programming per se. That’s just writing a set of instructions to perform a certain action. Do action A, then B,…

Shore to Psalm

Lucianna Chixaro Ramos

                                                                                      shore  …

Repetitive Behavior

Sondra Rosenberg

        Provenance: Submission Sondra Rosenberg is an artist and art therapist based in Philadelphia. She is interested in the fixed visual expression of shifting mental and emotional states and the ways in which interiors are revealed through surfaces.  

Chapter Two


This Side Up

Cassie Bartlett

      Provenance: Submission Cass Bartlett writes poetry and fiction. Her work has been featured in Jeopardy Magazine and Sweet Tree Review. Her flash fiction piece, “When we Join Black and White Movies,”  received the Don & Elaine Jeopardy award for Best Fiction. Cass…

The Happy Moment

Arthur Boatin

  Yesterday’s had been their final quarrel, that much was sure. During the night Jacek had died—just like that—and what was more final than death? When he didn’t appear in the morning and failed to answer her calls, Elza had struggled to her feet, leaning…

“I’ve Never Felt Such a Bitch”: Lady Brett Ashley’s Trauma and Androgyny in Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises

Brittany J. Barron

        Before Ernest Hemingway opened The Sun Also Rises (1926) with Jake Barnes’s passive observations about Robert Cohn’s college boxing career, he began the text with Lady Brett Ashley: “Lady Ashley was born Elizabeth Brett Murray.”[i] This beginning, while unpublished, suggests Hemingway…

Love Birds

Rachel Bullock

  Dear Caleb, When I woke up this morning, I found Martha dead in her cage. I’m sorry I killed your birds. Melanie   Dear Caleb, My therapist says I need to elaborate. I also realized you probably think Martha died the day George did….

Slipping Away Into Nothingness

Natalie Very B.

  Provenance: Submission Natalie Very B. is a published Polish-Canadian illustrator and educator. Her artistic career is based on investigation of whimsical shapes of feminism in today’s world. Her paintings reveal many Slavic folklore influences, while myths and legends are a constant source of inspiration…

The Woman Who Is Smoking

Laurie Stone

  1.  I met a woman who moved in a zigzag pattern, as if something were wrong with her steering. She was beautiful and very lean, and I was surprised by the way she sat behind her plate, piled with quinoa, salmon, and a sauté of vegetables, and brought the fork…

Chapter Three


Carrot Man

Emily Woodworth

  You see the most unaccountable things riding public transit. Any average joe or josephine from every walk of life could be in that metal tube with you. Store clerks and serial killers. Waiters and wives and winsome wine connoisseurs who’ve had their limit at…

On Behalf of the Committee

Joshua Jones

  Let us begin by briefly drawing attention to your inevitable death. We’re sorry if we’ve startled you by writing so directly, but we worried you might not otherwise notice, since you’ve ignored several clear signs of your demise: the steady rupture of filaments in…


Anthony Schubert

  Provenance: Submission   Anthony Schubert has an MFA in computer art from School of Visual Arts and has experience creating a variety of video and animation work. His work has recently been screened at festivals in New York, Istanbul and the UK. He lives…

The Letter On itself and Man

Ana Jovanovska

  Provenance: Submission Ana Jovanovska was born in 1991 in Macedonia. She got her Master’s Degree in Printmaking from the Faculty of Fine Arts – University Ss.Cyril and Methodius, Skopje in 2016. She spent a semester attending École supérieure d’arts & médias de Caen/Cherbourg. She…

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