The Once and Future Site

Candice Yacono

The Once and Future Site: The History and Archeology of Tintagel, Cornwall      “Hard by was great Tintagel’s table round and there of old the flower of Arthur’s knights made fair beginning of a nobler time.” – Thomas Hardy    The Once and Future…

Matron, Mother, Hostess

Sasha Conaway

  Matron, Mother, Hostess: Senior USO Hostesses and the Care of American Soldiers in World War II American involvement in World War II marked a shift in American lives as the country prepared to enter the fight. The United States government had mobilized its male…

A Psalm against J.D. Vance

Keegan Lester

  Spill a little lighting for Ryan & Marcus, Natalie, & my great grandfather. Spill a little lightning for Tom & Jason & Joe & Teresa. Graveyards round here full of people cause there’s a thousand ways into the mine, a thousand ways to be…