Who can submit to Anastamos?

Anastamos is a graduate student-run literary journal, we are focused on publishing and promoting other graduate students. If you are currently in any sort of graduate program or if you have finished a graduate program within the last three years, we would love for you to send us your work!

Unfortunately we do not take submissions from high school students, undergrads, or people who are not attending / have never attended a graduate program.

Will my work be read anonymously?

Yes! None of our editors will see your personal information, including the cover letter / bio you send, when considering your work. Please make sure you do not attach that information to the piece you send us in any way so that we can uphold the integrity of our selection process. If identifying information is attached to the work, we will have to automatically reject the piece regardless of the quality!

I’m not sure if my work totally fits the theme. How do I know if it’s close enough to submit?

If your work makes you think of our theme, or it seems like it might fit, send it over! We are interested in seeing all the various ways that one can interpret our theme. Surprise us!

Do you accept general work unrelated to the theme?

Unfortunately, no. It is important that you have engaged with our theme in some way for us to consider your work. There is a prompt in our Submittable for you to give a brief description of how your work fits the theme. This was done intentionally to help you draw unexpected connections to our theme and to prevent general work from being submitted. Our editors will not see your answer to that prompt until after they have made a decision about your work, so your answer is not meant to influence our decision.

Does my work need to fit under one of the previous chapter headings?

Nope. We determine chapter titles when we put the issue together, and they may change from issue to issue.

Currently, as of Issue 6, we have changed our publication schedule and have slimmed each issue down. This means we only have a Fiction and a Nonfiction section. We may go back to having chapter titles in the future, but you should never worry about fitting that format when you submit your work.

You don’t seem to have anything in my discipline. Do you still want my work?

Absolutely! We want Anastamos to be as interdisciplinary as possible. If we don’t have your discipline yet, it doesn’t mean that we don’t want it, just that no one has submitted high-quality work in it yet. That first person could be you!

Anastamos is a place where we hope to see divergent concepts come together in unexpected ways. We welcome work that blends genre, subject, and form.

I have another question. How can I reach you?

Feel free to email us at anastamos.cu@gmail.com