Shore to Psalm

Lucianna Chixaro Ramos
                                           The meeting place of salt and land—or, that which it holds up.
                                           Denotes a half word that carries its predecessors. At the shore, you double
                                           up your membranes, the ones you’ve been carrying inside you
                                           that try to consume you.
                                          Walk backward to see the beacon of light or the channel lit by it.
                                          According to Masefield, this is the spark that exposes Guinevere’s thirst.
                                          Field of product grown for you by you. Milk and blood, no longer produced
                                          as necessities to their host bodies flows here in rivers. You drink.
                                          You see the stems and stalks of plants not grown
                                          for their blood but for their desiccation.
                                          Even the saints’ letters roil in the ocean seeking shore.
                                          St. Thomas removes the p, the u. He burns them for light, warmth.


Provenance: Submission
Lucianna Chixaro Ramos is a Brazilian-American poet. She has served as the Editor-in-Chief of Obra/Artifact, a journal of experimental poetry, and is currently an MFA student at Stetson University’s MFA of the Americas. Her work can be found in the journals New South, Otoliths, and The Collapsar. For more information you can head over to her website at
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