Outside the Ordinary | To Muse | I Rake Poems in Sand

Marcia Arrieta


Outside the Ordinary


sunglass diffused time    the Rio Grande/ink of change

branches  like angels in the mountains    the storm a stream magnified light


the labyrinth a city


porque somos de la tierra y cielo    because we are of the land & sky

we continue      crosses & wings       the phoenix in transition


To Muse

celestial abstraction   calligraphy a forest  I am afraid we are losing knowledge
of the past      morning glories and irises      I gather light from the garden
I read the journals of Dorothy Wordsworth     I read Van Gogh’s letters
I remember the bolts of fabric    the pattern books   the tracing wheel


I Rake Poems in Sand

the stone  the wildflower   the broken clock    Georgia O’Keefe in Abiqui
my grandmother on the farm      journey through the bamboo forest

an experimental guide into portals–notebooks   canvases   timetables
Dylan’s Time Out of Mind    empty shoeboxes   crosswords   beds that need to be made

I read about a connection between Noguchi & Kahlo
& in another book Your Subjective Experience is Reliable       I interweave solstice


Provenance: Submission

Marcia Arrieta is a poet, artist, and teacher. Her work appears in Whiskey IslandDASHBarrow StreetFourteen HillsSo to SpeakEllipsisMoriaWeb Conjunctions,Columbia JournalEmpty MirrorOsiris13th MoonPosit, and Cold Mountain Review, among others. The author of two poetry collections: archipelago counterpoint(BlazeVOX) and triskelion, tiger moth, tangram, thyme (Otoliths), she has a third chapbook thimbles, threads (Dancing Girl). She edits and publishes Indefinite Space, a poetry/art journal.


Featured Image: “Morning Glory” by Matthias Ripp is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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