Little Joe Gould #6

Devon Balwit


“n.b. ye twang of little joe(yankee)gould irketh
sundry who are trying to find their minds(but never had any to lose)”
                                                                                                     e.e. cummings 

“The Oral History is a great hodgepodge and a kitchen midden of hearsay, a repository of jabber, an omnium-gatherum of bushwa, gab, palaver, hogwash, flapdoodle and malarkey…”
                                                                                    Joseph Mitchell

little joe gould tricks his belly with sourballs
and catsup on a spoon.  toothless, he prefers

to chew the fat, bending your ear with his
great work, his oral history of everything.

ever in progress, grubulous chicken-scratched
copybooks squirrel away in closets all over

town.  those who’ve peeked swear it’s the same
four chapters iterated and re-, a tangle of trivia.

they humor little joe, keeping him in paper and
pens, afraid of seeing their own future reflected

in his rheumy conjunctiva, him a harvard man,
after all (for if the old ivy can’t rope a man

across life’s ravine, what hope is there?).  little
joe scratches—lousy, scabrous, and scaled—

without complaint, preferring a flophouse
to any mattress gotten by honest work.

if he could, he’d charm his way into the bed
of a lady bohemian, some soft-hearted belle-

lettriste.  barring that, a jiggling subway seat
will have to cradle him until morning

when he pulls himself from his own hat once
more, like athena from zeus’ brow, sui generis.



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Provenance:  Submission.


Devon Balwit is a teacher/poet from Portland, OR. She has two chapbooks: How the Blessed Travel (Maverick Duck Press) & Forms Most Marvelous (forthcoming with dancing girl press). Her work has found many homes, some of which are: The Cincinnati Review, The Stillwater Review, Sierra Nevada Review, Red Earth Review, Timberline Review, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, and The Inflectionist Review.




Homeless Man, Overtown Miami” by Jamesy Pena is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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