Issue 2: Fluidity

Published Fall 2017


Letter From The Editor: The Fluidity of Learning

Alison Williams

  Dear Reader, The creation of Anastamos’ second issue has come over a period of time that has been distinctive, not only in a social and historical perspective, but for myself personally. In addition to the monster storms that have wracked our country environmentally, as…

Part 1


The Fluidity of Facts

Ian Barnard

  Sometimes we can disagree with the facts. (Sean Spicer) There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics. (commonly–falsely–attributed to Mark Twain) Now we have learned that we must look to our own positioning, reassess how we are finding and viewing facts,…

A Psalm against J.D. Vance

Keegan Lester

  Spill a little lighting for Ryan & Marcus, Natalie, & my great grandfather. Spill a little lightning for Tom & Jason & Joe & Teresa. Graveyards round here full of people cause there’s a thousand ways into the mine, a thousand ways to be…

Hell’s Heresiarch

Chris Quinn

  “I am locked out of Heaven. But even if it were laid bare before me, and all the angels sung my praises, and God the Lord Jesus kissed my forehead and bade me enter that place, I would deny Him three times and three…

Part 2


Two Poems || Grant Hier

Grant Hier

  The Difference Between Entropy and Evaporation “A process is spontaneous if it occurs when it is left to itself in a universe…” — York University, Teaching Chemistry After the thunder, after the pouring, after the sun and the warming, the rain lifts itself back…

The Kiss of a Wave, the Caress of the Sea: Sexual Fluidity in Mrs. Dalloway

Michael Schrimper

  Scholars have long considered Septimus Warren Smith a character likely repressing his homosexuality.[1] Historically, it is the characterization of Septimus’s relationship with his senior officer, Evans, which suggests this reading (Krouse 15). It should be considered, however, how language associated with Septimus—as well as,…

For James Waters McLemore, The First

Delaney McLemore

  I know when I tell the world what I’ve named my daughter, there will be a ruckus, but fuck us, right? Those who chose to change a word’s history, to reclaim it, to make into a battle cry. James! I will scream when you…

Snail Love

Rachel Ann Brickner

    Provenence: Submission.   Rachel Ann Brickner is a writer and multimedia storyteller from Pittsburgh. Currently, she’s finishing her MFA in fiction at the University of Pittsburgh where she’s at work on her first novel and a memoir about debt. Her work has previously appeared…

Part 3


Twelve Brief Anecdotes about the King of Birds

Chris Schahfer

  I Ray sometimes wondered if his classmates in college wanted him to become a bird. Once, he had been just another engineering student, poring over diagrams of airplane wings. Whenever he emerged from his dorm, which his classmates called his “nest,” people asked if…


Darryl Lauster

    Provenence: Submission.   A 2010 recipient of the Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant for Painters and Sculptors, Darryl Lauster is an Intermedia artist, writer, and an Associate Professor of Sculpture at the University of Texas at Arlington. He has exhibited nationally at the Amon Carter…

A Room Like This

Chrissy Martin

  I know too well what happens when you become comfortable where you’re not meant to. When a quick hospital scare turns into a do you want to see him?  a                he’s still warm if you want to say goodbye and a paper bag…


Daniel Ableev

    Provenence: Submission.   Daniel Ableev, *1981, is a certified strangeologist and Selectronix engineer from Bonn, Germany; co-editor of “DIE NOVELLE – Zeitschrift für Experimentelles”; ∞ publications in German & English, print & online (“Born to Fear: Interviews with Thomas Ligotti”, Ann & Jeff VanderMeer’s…

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