Issue 1: Fear

Published Spring 2017



Fear and the Web of Knowledge

Daniele C. Struppa, Ph.D.

  I have always been fascinated by ‘fear’. I think it is a powerful emotion, that if it does not paralyze, it can actually embolden to action. This much we know from the fact that fear stimulates the production of epinephrine (also known as adrenaline)…

Letter From The Editor: Fear And The Issue

Alison Williams

  Dear Reader,   This first issue of Anastamos is alive, and with it the body of nearly a year of deep collaborative work. A year of growing from a mere seed of an idea tossed out by Dean Fuery to the graduate students of Wilkinson…

Chapter One: Global/Apocalypse



Martha Kalin

  i What do they want, these dream-men, who hold us hostage in the still point of night, in the vast elusive dark sinking sand, who salt-spray our mouths open, after hiding the key, before the deluge, before almost everything goes under, the massive growing…

Emergency Preparedness

Lizzie Martin

  These are the ways the world ends: biological weapons, gene mutations, epidemics, plagues.  Blisters and blood and vomit and pus, horrible oozing words.  The way you shiver under the sweat of a fever.  Or something nuclear.  An accident, a war between two nuclear weapons…

Chapter Two: Tribal/Group


Five Poems from Liberty Walks Naked

Maram Al-Masri, Translated by Hélène Cardona

  3 I am a human not an animal, shouts the ordinary citizen Ahmad Abdouwhab. With a trembling voice like a prisoner escaped from the cage of fear. The veins of his throat are swollen and his eyes filled with rage. He never read Balzac…

The Star

Jose Francisco Fonseca

  The stars and full moon whistle. The whistle from the speaker stops over the outdoor yellow light. Rosa and Ellena stand outside under the light, next to a bright open side-door of the grey maquiladora. They pass a cigarette, letting the droning of sewing…

Police Sirens Still Make Me Shiver

Ace Boggess

  from distance late at night across the river where bars are full with old junkies shaking hands beneath a table on one-way streets where cars pull up to the curb & honk their horns in parking lots of closed-down grocers blacked-out pharmacies & boarded-over…

Little Joe Gould #6

Devon Balwit

  “n.b. ye twang of little joe(yankee)gould irketh sundry who are trying to find their minds(but never had any to lose)”                                                                                                      e.e. cummings  “The Oral History is a great hodgepodge and a kitchen midden of hearsay, a repository of jabber, an omnium-gatherum of bushwa,…

Chapter Three: Personal



Mary Buchinger

  In the thumb of Michigan   stories of Indian camps in pockets of thinned woods   long after a treaty took away millions of acres and moved the nations Chippewa  Ottawa  Potawatomi to some river-bound tract out West    far beyond their jeweled Great Lakes   Indian…

My Daughter

Christina Perez Brubaker

  You’re much prettier with your hair down, when you don’t make that face, when you tilt your head to the left, like a tea pot, pouring a puddle on the floor. Mini attacks disguised as compliments. How will she react when she discovers what…

The Bathtub

Andra Emilia Fenton

  He started rotting on a Monday. His belly was full of maggots by Wednesday. They exploded his middle and throat. I smelled him on Thursday. “Like a gas leak or rotten eggs,” I e-mailed the owner of the building. But no one came. By…

Pistol Gets New Stars

Dawn Abeita

  The reason Tina didn’t have a bed anymore was that she’d left the house for an hour and a half in the middle of the day. Generally, she didn’t leave at all, except sometimes to take Pistol to preschool. Pistol’s name was Petal, but…

How to Learn to Swim

Merridawn Duckler

  Be too old to do exactly as you’re told. Saunter around the lobby while the ancients beckon you to fears you don’t share. Go to the ladies room. In the mirror look nothing like the lady you are supposed to become. Fail to give…


Steven Mayoff

  She wears denim cut-offs and a man’s tuxedo shirt knotted at the midriff. Arms and legs are mere bones covered by veined, leathery skin. Greasy blonde hair is pulled back into a ponytail. You can’t help staring at the purple bruise on her face,…