What does interdisciplinary mean?

Interdisciplinary is the blending of disciplines, or fields, into one unified work. For example, a paper that focuses on both psychology and literature would be interdisciplinary.

What if my work only covers one discipline?

That’s totally fine. The whole of Anastamos is meant to be interdisciplinary, but that doesn’t mean that the individual pieces have to be. The journal itself works to bring the disciplines together by giving them a place to exist side by side.

What does it mean to be a professional? Do I need to have a graduate degree?

A professional is someone who is working in the field for which they are submitting. Do you write fiction? Then you’re a professional in fiction! (If only there were enough book contracts to go around for this to be more strict) If you are writing academic work, we ask that you have either received an undergraduate degree or have work experience in that field. For instance, if you’re writing about psychology, you would either need to have a degree, or be a counselor or something else within the field.

You do not need to have a graduate degree. That label is meant to designate that we are interested in providing a home for current graduate students to publish.

Is everything you do blind? What does it mean to be double-blind peer reviewed?

Yes! If you don’t have a graduate degree and are worried that we won’t give you a fair shake, never fear. All of our work is assessed blind, so our reviewers do not know anything about you.

For our academic papers, we double-blind peer review, which means that neither the you nor the peer reviewer knows each other’s identity, ensuring complete objectivity.

I’m not sure if my work totally fits the theme. How do I know if it’s close enough to submit?

If your work makes you think of our theme, or it seems like it might fit, send it over! We are interested in seeing all the various ways that one can interpret our theme. Surprise us!

Do you accept general work unrelated to the theme?

Unfortunately, no. Given how disparate some disciplines are, we have made the decision that our issues need to have some unifying element.

Does my work need to fit under one of the previous chapter headings?

Nope. We determine chapter titles when we put the issue together, and they may change from issue to issue.

You don’t seem to have anything in my discipline. Do you still want my work?

Absolutely! We want Anastamos to be as interdisciplinary as possible. If we don’t have your discipline yet, it doesn’t mean that we don’t want it, just that no one has submitted high-quality work in it yet. That first person could be you!

I have another question. How can I reach you?

Feel free to email us at anastamos.cu@gmail.com