Anastamos is a modern interdisciplinary journal. Each issue focuses on a single topic with diverse perspectives on the human experience, weaving together creative, scientific, philosophical, historical, and social perspectives on common shifting themes.

Through innovative publication we aim to set a defining example for scholars and professionals crossing the boundaries of their fields. We challenge and advocate for the distribution of material nurturing cross-disciplinary dialogue and debate that is personal and curiously human.


Curious about our name?

Anastomosis: MEDICINE: a connection made surgically between adjacent blood vessels, parts of the intestine, or other channels of the body, or the operation in which this is constructed.

-amos: Latin for 1) affair, 2) Cupid, 3) love, affection, 4) sexual/illicit/homosexual passion, 5) the beloved.

-amos: the verb ending when conjugating Spanish verbs in the form of “nosotros” or “we.”

Drawing our inspiration from the medical practice of combining two disparate parts, the Latin term for the beloved, and the Spanish verb ending for “we,” we celebrate our love for breaking disciplinary boundaries and celebrating new unions in our name, Anastamos.