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Hello Anastamos Reader,


If you’re a regular reader of Anastamos (thank you!), or you have browsed the blog content below, you’ve probably noticed that this post (and the ones that come after) are different than the ones that come before. Cue Sesame Street, “One of these things is not like the others.”


Over the past year or so, our inbox for our Fall and Spring issues has exploded. Bottom line: we’ve got lots of talented people who have important things to say, and so we’ve created THE WEEKLY SUTURE. Beyond the obvious name change (this blog was once labeled THE LIBRARY), you’ll notice that content published under THE LIBRARY featured primarily the creative work of Chapman graduates, while THE WEEKLY SUTURE is more diverse—content contributed by non-Chapman writers with different backgrounds, which covers various disciplines.


In addition to contributor changes, you’ll see that we’re moving a bit faster now. We’ve got more immediate content for your consumption, published on a weekly basis. Likewise, you’ll find the latest in Orange literary arts news and coverage of local events, as well as a few experimental combinations. After all, we’ve named this blog for its effort to “stitch together” knowledge that was once segregated. The more connections we make here, the more we make sense of that which is different. We hope you enjoy!


If you’re interested in submitting your work to “The Weekly Suture,” you can submit via our Submittable page here.



Allie Vernon and Matt Goldman

Co-Editor in Chiefs



Featured Image: “Rainbow Thread” provided by Red Rose Exile (licensed under CC BY SA 2.0).

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