Image: An animated image showing the progression of a painting.

Jacsimile | Oil on Canvas | 18×24

The artwork is entitled “Jacsimile” as a play-on-words: a facsimile is an exact copy of something. As the painting is a portrait of the artist’s longtime friend Jack (and the core of the artist’s sense of humor is bad puns), it was dubbed as a Jack-simile, or simply Jacksimile.


Aysel Atamdede holds a BA in English and a minor in Studio Art from Santa Clara University, and is pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at Chapman. As an undergrad at SCU, she established the Imaginarium VR lab, teaching students to design, build, and publish 3d animations and video games. She is a writer and voice director for The Sketch Fellows, a podcast produced by her and her friends in their spare time.

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