A Letter from the Editors

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A Letter from the Editors

Welcome to Anastamos!

We are Chapman’s new graduate interdisciplinary academic journal. We hope you enjoy our inaugural issue on fear.

At Anastamos, we hope to promote the blending of disciplines through encouraging cross-disciplinary research and creative work, and by placing different modes of thought next to one another. In this, they can create a conversation about a topic, bringing their diverse perspectives together to form a more complete image.

We hope that you’ll embark with us on this academic journey.

In the meantime, between issues, we’ll be updating this section of the site periodically with new content, from our podcast, to interviews, book reviews, round-table discussions, and much more.

Stop by to check out the new ways you can join the conversation, and submit to our next issue! We’re always looking for engaging new content for our issues.

We hope you’ll love Anastamos as much as we do.


The Anastamos Team

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