Issue Dis/Order 003


MK Roney
  Reg stood in the kitchen, pouring the last of the GlenDronach into a mug. He swirled it around, watching it circle the coffee rings stained into the white porcelain. Roberta Flack sang in the other room. He’d heard this song twice already but he...

“I’ve Never Felt Such a Bitch”: Lady Brett Ashley’s Trauma and Androgyny in Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises

Brittany J. Barron

        Before Ernest Hemingway opened The Sun Also Rises (1926) with Jake Barnes’s passive observations about Robert Cohn’s college boxing career, he began the text with Lady Brett Ashley: “Lady Ashley was born Elizabeth Brett Murray.”[i] This beginning, while unpublished, suggests Hemingway…

Love Birds

Rachel Bullock

  Dear Caleb, When I woke up this morning, I found Martha dead in her cage. I’m sorry I killed your birds. Melanie   Dear Caleb, My therapist says I need to elaborate. I also realized you probably think Martha died the day George did….

Slipping Away Into Nothingness

Natalie Very B.

  Provenance: Submission Natalie Very B. is a published Polish-Canadian illustrator and educator. Her artistic career is based on investigation of whimsical shapes of feminism in today’s world. Her paintings reveal many Slavic folklore influences, while myths and legends are a constant source of inspiration…