Issue Fluidity 002

The Kiss of a Wave, the Caress of the Sea: Sexual Fluidity in Mrs. Dalloway

Michael Schrimper

  Scholars have long considered Septimus Warren Smith a character likely repressing his homosexuality.[1] Historically, it is the characterization of Septimus’s relationship with his senior officer, Evans, which suggests this reading (Krouse 15). It should be considered, however, how language associated with Septimus—as well as,…

Snail Love

Rachel Ann Brickner

    Provenence: Submission.   Rachel Ann Brickner is a writer and multimedia storyteller from Pittsburgh. Currently, she’s finishing her MFA in fiction at the University of Pittsburgh where she’s at work on her first novel and a memoir about debt. Her work has previously appeared…

Twelve Brief Anecdotes about the King of Birds

Chris Schahfer

  I Ray sometimes wondered if his classmates in college wanted him to become a bird. Once, he had been just another engineering student, poring over diagrams of airplane wings. Whenever he emerged from his dorm, which his classmates called his “nest,” people asked if…