Issue Admission 007

The Fate of Miss Primly

Jenean McBrearty

Most notable about the layout were two-and-a-half inch margins, which provided ample space for obscene student art and sacrilegious editorializing. Someone had inked in a mid-calf skirt on the picture of Daniel Boone, extending the tail of his coon-skin hat over his shoulder and coiling it around one of two large-nipple tits.


Nathania Seales Oh

Two days after my father’s funeral, I boarded a plane back to Atlanta. The ache on the right side of my abdomen had deepened. It felt like a sucking void.  I marveled at how hot and thin my skin felt as I settled into my seat. Inside this fragile, transparent casing, I felt raw and exposed.


Amanda Ellard

One lucky hand brought my fingers to the soft feather of old paper and leather. I found it there, a full sentence written out with some letters I’d never seen before, which I now know to be vowels, and sounds stacked in neat lines that created the full pronunciation of the words we speak aloud.

The Weekly Suture